Turiqua Codebase

Turiqua is a RPG that's mechanics is based off of multiple MUDs and Dungeons and Dragons(In Python)

Check periodically for code change.

Download Turiqua Alpha v0.1:

Just plain view the code link


In this version, all of the below is in there and also the actual gameplay.

I've added leveling up, a shop, gold system, and walk...


v0.1.2 character files and v0.1.3 character files are not compatible.


In this version, all of the below is in there and also a few commands you can use.

Also, I've added gold pieces and racial bonuses.

You have an inventory that you can change, now, and you can change the sword/armor you're
using in game, but you still have to manually put items in your inventory.


v0.1.1 character files and v0.1.2 character files are not compatible.


In this version, the only thing you can do is make a new character and load a previous character.

About stat rolling: The max you can roll is 20 in each category.

About Armor and Swords: (0) is the bonus it gives to that stat.

About changing Armor and Swords: You can change the sword and armor. In the python code,
there is a function called itemlookup. You can see which item names correspond to which item
shortnames. Then you can go to your character's file and change the items

If you see an error after trying to load a character, that means that file does not exist.

If you find a bug, please email me at thinkaboutbunnies@gmail.com

This game is made by CCCFire© Copyright 2015